Bok Choy in Lemongrass Chili Noodle Soup

This broth is a derivation of Western Burmese noodle soup called “Rakhine Mote Ti.” Traditionally it is made with fish broth and lots of galangal. Instead, we’re using pungent fresh lemongrass, aromatic garlic and ginger, fiery Thai chilis and comforting chicken broth. The lime adds a sharp sourness, the fish sauce a musky salinity and the baby bok choy adds crunchy texture and acts as a cool palate cleanser. The sum of these disparate ingredients transports you to a new, foreign place; such is the alchemy of cooking. Warning: This broth is hot and pungent. The faint-hearted might need to pass; the brave will be hugely rewarded.

Mady by Soe Thein

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