Pandan Cotton Cake

Friends who have never been to South East Asia, I'm introducing you guys one of my favorite ingredients commonly found here in Singapore (as well as other countries in SEA). It is called 'PANDAN!' Pandan leaf also known as screwpine leaf (in the west), is a type of fragrant leaf that is commonly used to wrap meat or in desserts with its leaf extract. I'm sure you must have heard of Pandan Cake if you ever been to Singapore or Malaysia. Today's recipe is a variation off this famous Chiffon Cake. I wanted to achieve a even richer taste without compensating the texture at the same time. Inspired from the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake known for it's super soft spongy texture, I decided to combine the traditional Pandan Chiffon Cake with this Japanese method, & surprisingly it turned out really well!

Mady by XLBCR

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