Curry Multigrain Porridge w/ Vegan Pesto

When it comes to vegan recipes, most of us (who are not vegan) have the impression of the food being bland, tasteless, lacking in protein, etc. The truth is that some of the best food I've ever tasted are vegan. Instead of using Parmesan to make the pesto, I replaced the umami flavor from the cheese with fermented tofu! This intense savory taste is the essence of this vegan pesto. The classic pesto recipe calls for pine nuts, but it can be really pricey so I've replaced it with a cheaper alternative - a mix of cashews & macadamia nuts. For the curry multigrain porridge - I used a mixture of 10 different types of grains and it's really easy to find those in a pack from the supermarket nowadays. Processing the food into finer pieces cuts down cooking time.

Mady by XLBCR

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